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Helpful Websites:

A member shared this website!  Very useful – check it out, click here!


Many of you asked for the link to the Serving Size Card from Dept. of Health and Human Services I shared this week.   Click here!

Official Weight Watchers website:                    
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Interesting Restaurant Tips                                          Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone

Entertaining and great food finds w/Points®             Hungry Girl
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Exercise Your Mind!                                                        Free Rice

National Weight Control Registry                                 NWCR

As I have mentioned in the meetings, I am a member of the National Weight Control Registry and have been for many years.  I would highly recommend you visit this site.  They have some great success stories of their members and some helpful information.  Several of our weekly program materials have quoted their studies by the founders, Rena Wing, PhD and James O. Hill, PhD.  You probably have seen them in national magazines, newspapers, television, etc.  Recently, I had the opportunity to meet and hear Dr. Hill when he was in Kansas City for an obesity conference!

Meal Planning by Store                                                  E-mealz

WW Red Meat Cheat Sheet                                           Red Meat Website Cheat Sheet

Food Pyramid Information                                   

Food and Human Nutrition                                  

Restaurant Point Values                                       

Healthy Dining Facts                                              

Nutrition Data                                                           

USA Nutrient Database                                          

Great Walk/Run Navigator                                     

Activity Videos                                                            

Sugar Website                                                           

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator                                      Click here

Calories Burned for Activities                                            Click here

Shelf Life of Foods                                                               Click here

An interesting website from the USDA and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.  Click here to view.


A website for some great health information from Dr. Kenneth Cooper, “the Father of aerobics.”  Click here!