Member’s Thoughts/Pictures

As most of you know  we have a WW Mascot.  This is Harlow.  This picture was taken with his owner, Victoria at Grinter Farms, home of the million sonflowers in Lawrence, KS


Another Picture!IMGP3037b (1)

Here she is anxiously awaiting the season premiere of American Horror Story Hotel this week.




A member sent me this picture.  This is her Weight Watchers stash!  Looks pretty good!

Weight Watchers Stash #1


This is taking activity to a whole new level.  One of the Thursday members built her own treadmill desk.  See pictures below.  She not only has one workstation but two!!  How awesome is this!

IMG_20140319_113353   IMG_20140319_113336




For those of you that run, I know it has been quite cold lately!!  David sent me these pictures from the Santa Dash a couple of weekends ago.  it was 11 degrees that morning!  But, by the looks of it, the runners were certainly dressed for the day!

image      image (1)



I visited a recent food show and saw this cupcake tree!  And, yes that is a slice of bacon on each one of the cupcakes!  I have seen everything now.

Misc Iphone pictures 018



I just love it when my members accomplish something!  This is Paula and her two children who have been taking Tae Kwan Do together.  Last Friday, Paula passed and received her recommended black belt.  Way to go!!!!  She will be testing in November for her black belt!!  WAY TO GO!!!




Part of the Weight Watchers program is to do a fun activity that you enjoy and still be active!!  Many of us walk, swim or jog; however, this is Stacy, one of my members who decided to participate in a Tae Kwan Do program to be with her daughter.  She loves it and her instructor once told her:  “as long as I am doing my best and giving it my all, I can’t fail.”  We all need to remember this.  Stacy also said she has come to realize that she is worth it and worth fighting for and it has taken a long time to get to this place.  We all can learn from this.  Way to Go!



Thanks to David who recently went on a cruise and sent me this picture!!


Thank you to Pat at Prairie Village and sharing this special shadow box she made celebrating her journey and achievements to her Lifetime goal!!!  She has done a remarkable job and thanks for letting us go along the ride with you and continue to do so!!!  See below!


A couple of weeks ago, we had fun making dogs!  Yes, making dogs out of clay!!  Four lucky people volunteered to make their own version of a dog.  The activity was to illustrate that even though we have the same task, we each go about doing it differently.  I promised to download the pictures, well here they are!!